Pivotal Shift Consulting Group – Combining Forces!

Pivotal Shift Consulting Group

IMG_0101smWe recognized the value that we brought to each others’ businesses and knew that by joining forces we could make an even greater impact.

Alex Mitchell and Stephanie Beeby,Combining their 150+ years of experience in business start-ups, business planning, branding, marketing, PR, event-planning, logistics, efficiency management and so much more. This dual coaching team supports the everyday-entrepreneur to stretch beyond what they know and build lasting legacy businesses. For more information, visit:  http://pivotalshiftcg.com/


We bring proactive business owners success strategies that increase their impact, reach and prosperity. By combining our dual coaching approach it unites our experiences, strengths, intuition and business acumen, to provide direct access to trouble-shooting, brainstorming and growing your business over the long-term.