SBPic1Stephanie Beeby M.S.

Stephanie is an Intuitive Business Strategist, Energy Alchemist and expert in Intuitive Strategizing and Decision-Making for Visionaries and Business Owners who want to build a lasting impact. Paradigm shifters, those who came to create change and impact systems are often who she is called to support. Known for her savvy business skills and intuitive nature, she is often referred to as ‘The Soul Whisperer.’  She has a knack for combining her strategic mindset with getting to the heart of a situation, turning your inner whisper into inspired action. Trained in Organizational Psychology, she is the Founder of In Flow CEO Consulting and currently assists visionary entrepreneurs to Clarify, Energize and Optimize their business and life systems.

IMG_4657She is also a mom of an imaginative and playful 6-year old. Her time is split between enjoying life in Hawaii as well as creating a world where her son can grow up in a way that is connected, loving and authentic.

Her big mission is “To inspire the ‘Everyday’ Leader to follow their heart and live with conscious intention. To honor deep love and appreciation for themselves to contribute to their Highest Expression on the Planet.”






 What Others Have Said About Working with Stephanie:


10636250_10204559905951347_3355545604235182095_n“Stephanie has been my personal and business coach for over a year. She has helped me more than once to breathe life into a vision then she holds the space for them to come into being. It Stephanie who first helped me see the vision of starting “Your Obamacare Advisors,” and she has been my beacon and guide as I have successfully launched one business and am embarking on another. She helps me see things I can’t see and to come back to center when I get off track. Working with Stephanie has moved me quantum leaps professionally, personally, financially and spiritually.”

Kaya Bromley, Founder of Kaya Dental, LLC., Nevada


“I needed to refocus to grow my business and Stephanie really helped me target how to get there. By identifying roadblocks, assessing strengths, and defining goals in new ways, she was able to help me think and act more creatively. Her insights helped me rekindle what I love about my work. And to top it off, she is super fun and positive!”

Linda Allen, Empowering Health Choices through Youngevity


“Stephanie took me on a trip, from sad disillusioned exhausted new mom-preneur, to on fire 12363075_10153419634149069_1125844573443836015_oCEO who is totally in my flow. I truly had trouble letting go of my old single gal paradigms to truly step into my new life as a mom. I was expecting myself to be single energetic and fancy free, but what I really needed to do was realign myself with this new version of life and let go of the old paradigms that were holding me back. After our session I was able to quickly integrate into my new life in an empowered way and quickly magnetized many money making opportunities my way that were so much EASIER than what I was trying to do when I was forcing my old paradigm. If you are thinking about working with Stephanie, I highly recommend it. She is such a gift and a bad ass at what she does, and having her in your corner is a huge asset.”

Shereen Thor, Founder of Awaken the Rebel, www.awakentherebel.com


“I had been struggling, for several months, with the challenge of getting really clear on my market niche.  The intuitive guidance that Stephanie shared with me helped me see how I was moving in the right general direction, but needed to alter my course, a bit.  Having that clarity has given me renewed energy and momentum, for my business.  She also helped me clear out some old, energetic patterns that were creating an obstacle to receiving abundance. I was so impressed with Stephanie’s intuitive gifts and her generous spirit, that I have referred several of my friends, family members, and colleagues.”

Sajit Greene, Co-Founder of Soul Vision Consulting, North Carolina


10426804_10202889454931979_2305971261409277691_n“Thank you for your support of my path. Without your vision and insight, I likely would still be where I was 3-years ago, and losing my mind. I am so grateful for you sharing your wisdom and guiding me on the path.”

Ana Fatima Costa (started working with Stephanie in Sept 2010), Certified Connection Practice Coach & Author, California



“I have received more RIGHT ON GUIDANCE and support from Stephanie in one month than with other business coaches I worked with where I invested over $20,000 and a couple of years of time. It is an honor to have such enthusiastic and in-alignment support.”

Barbara Schaefer, Founder of EmbodyLightbody.com