CEO: Clarifying, Energizing and Optimizing

In Flow CEO Consulting supports business owners and entrepreneurs in Clarifying, Energizing and Optimizing their businesses. We primarily work with solo-preneurs or business owners with less then 15 employees who are seeking to expand their reach without giving more of their time. Most of our clients refer to Stephanie as their ‘lighthouse’ that supports them to know what to focus on and how to get back on track when they feel lost, overwhelm or stuck in their business.

Review the chart below and take a moment to evaluate where you are lacking support or might need support. Then you can schedule a Complimentary Session by clicking here.

In any business, it is essential to have checks and balances. As you grow and meet the demanding needs of your customers often there are still some areas that you use support with. Review the chart below and see if there are any areas you could benefit from having laser focus insight with. If so, I encourage you to set a Complimentary Session and selecting one of the areas you have identified below as the focus for laser coaching.

marketing chart

Click here to download a printable PDF of the InFlowCEO_Marketing Chart

If you have experienced a Complimentary Session and are wanting additional support, here are some of my additional services offered to my clients:

VIP Day (Virtual or In Person):  One time, 3-5 hours strategic alignment session for setting up a launch, a new re-direction or to enhance revenue streams.

3-Session Standalone Package:  This is a one-time support package that is ideal for creating a focus for a launch or specific need in a certain time frame. It is 3 – 1.0 hour sessions that can be used up to 6-months from investment. Each comes with 1-week of email support and is perfect for someone who needs support now, but maybe isn’t ready for continued coaching. To inquire about this, email

Entrepreneurial Expansion Coaching Package, with Unlimited Support via text & email:  This is a minimum of 4-months of coaching, either bi-monthly or weekly sessions. It is about addressing deeply ingrained beliefs, behaviors and choices that have been interfering with the success you know you can have. It is created for those business owners that have a deep desire for more impact and leaving a legacy within their business, clients and the world. We combine business and leadership development that is aimed with clearly measurable results. Only allow 8 clients at one time in this package.

Intuitive Alignment Strategy Coaching Package, with Unlimited Support via text & email:  This is a minimum of 4-months of coaching, either bi-monthly or weekly sessions. It is for those people seeking a deeper connection to their path, purpose and gifts. It is about opening your intuitive gifts and accessing the wisdom you were born with. It is not necessarily business focused, but it is about getting clear on the path for you to know where you are to express these gifts in your current work or identifying a new business direction/adventure in the process. Only allow 2 clients at this time in this package.

Virtual Team Development:  These are 1-3 hours in length and are customized for clients and audiences alike. Used for teams that work remotely and are looking to build more team focus, support and mutual goals.

Customized Vision Retreats: Allowing you a 4-day experience in Hawaii that allows you to tune in, cultivate a clear vision for what is wanting to be created next and teaches you how to connect to your ‘avatar’ client. Exclusive and by invitation only. Up to 6 at a time. If interested please inquire by emailing