Confirmation Details for the Rise Up Activation – 4/4/17

We look forward to having you join in this activation of ‘Reclaiming Your Energy Signature’ – we live in a time that is calling us all forward to live the greatest expressions of ourselves.

Karen Marzec, the owner and founder of BioField Fitness, is known for allowing you to work with your energy signature for improving overall wellness, deep spiritual growth and emotional health. We look forward to you joining us on April 4, 2017 at 12 pm HST, 3 pm PST and 6 pm EST. This call will be recorded, but we recommend you JOIN US LIVE to soak in the highest vibration of the call in. We also can’t guarantee a recording, since our energies together have been known to blow some circuits. We will be doing some BONUS specials too with live on the spot readings.

The call in formation is (641) 715-3640, Access code: 635449#.

If you need anything email me at

Thank you for saying yes now to do the work it takes to build a more vibrant, aligned and expansive future on this planet!

To Your Continued Growth,